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Agronomic consulting

[Be Smart. Be productive]

To increase the efficiency and sustainability of your business, not work harder, work better.

XXI century agriculture is more demanding in knowledge, agronomy and technology. Implement smart agriculture systems is a present necessity.

We produce and transform knowledge in order to better grow your business.

We stimulate processes innovation:

  • We perform soil and physiography intelligent studies at your parcels.
  • We detect the limitation factors of your activity.
  • We design technical plans for crops and plots development.
  • We design crop nutrient allocation plans vs. agronomic and economic efficiency.
  • We highly valorize the historical knowledge of your parcels.

  • We help to reduce the business uncertainty value.
  • We help you to plan and manage your campaign.
  • We help to convert your production systems in your main allies.

Agronomic monitoring

[Big Data. Smart Data]

Agronomic Monitoring of your business in the palm of your hand, anywhere, anytime, easy to use, using a web Agronomic tool, no installation required.

Managing without measuring, it is guessing. You must have reference metrics to optimize production factors and the results of its operations.

Benefits of our monitoring:

  • Reduce costs (fertilizers, water, pesticides, etc.)
  • Improve productivity and quality
  • Reduce the uncertainty of your business
  • Make informed decisions
  • Learn from your history


  • Electric Conductivity
  • Nutrients and texture
  • Moisture


  • Water Stress
  • NDVI
  • N-Deficit
  • Nutrients


  • Drainage
  • Water Deficit
  • Water Optimization


  • Environmental
  • Multispectral
  • Thermic
  • Radar
  • Positional (IoT)

# Periodic Reports # Historic information # Regular Alerts


Vineyard harvest segmentation

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Radar satellites in agriculture - Tomato

AgroInsider using optical and radar European Space Agency (ESA) satellites, as well as proprietary algorithms analysis, ... Read More

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Services Plan

Why should you be our customer?

Remember, the quantified environmental information is a competitive intelligence tool for managing your business.

Being our clients:
You can optimize production and control the quality of crops.
You can reduce operating costs, reduce risks and optimize visits to the field.
You can protect the sustainability of your production resources



  • z

  • Crops spatial and temporal monitoring
  • NDVI maps, yield and nutrient management
  • Water stress maps, water management
  • Fluorescence Maps, management quality of the final product
  • Seed germination spatial variability maps
  • Crop cycle temporal evolution maps


  • Base Package (+)

  • Intelligent Climatology (remote sensing):
  • Management of pests and diseases
  • Remote control of optimal soil sowing / germination temperature
  • Accumulated degree day in the crop management cycle
  • Alerts
  • Monitoring the parcel with (IoT) sensory:*
  • Control of soil moisture in plant water management
  • Temperature and moisture control in pest management
  • Wet leaf control in disease management

  • * Sensors not included


  • Professional package (+)

  • Operating:
  • Yield maps
  • Soil geoelectrical surveys*
  • Soil nutrient maps
  • Square meter crop operational account
  • Variable rate application maps
  • Management of vegetation water stress (eg. Vines)
  • Indicators analysis yield / quality
  • Strategy:
  • Historical integration analysis
  • Parcel spatial and temporal trends detection
  • Technical itineraries recommendations (water / soil / plant)
  • * Through proposal

*Price packages and services, suject to change or adaptation. Changes will only apply to future contracts(including renovations)

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We create and manage science and high value added technology with impact on the profitability and productivity of your farm.

Knowing the spatial and temporal variability of your parcels and crops, we can help plan your campaign.

The service is available all over the world.

Subscribing the monitoring service. There are different levels of service depending on the needs, from 1 € / ha / year.

No need to do any installation, needless to worry about updates. The application is web based.

The application is operational within 24 hours

See our service offerings.

Can. Depending on the level of detail of information you want, you can have access to dozens of maps and technical management reports of your parcels.

Yes. The remote radar sensors allow the production of soil occupation roughness maps, as well as aspects of soil moisture and other agronomic variables. It is therefore possible to associate its values to areas with more or less biomass; areas with more or less moisture in the soil, etc. and thus stimulate differential sampling as well as applications of inputs at a variable rate.

Yes we can. Usually it is called to such temperature the "LST" (Land Surface Temperature) or soil temperature. This temperature is important to understand the optimal soil temperature for sowing. LST degrees days are usually important to estimate the crops growth stage (eg. corn, broccoli, etc.) and the evolution of pests, etc.

Yes. Please contact us to study your case. We develop own sensors prepared to analyze fundamental crop parameters. The generated data are made available on the platform. Create history.

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